Jenny Short | Garden Designs

A lovely garden is a great place to restore your peace of mind and revive your enthusiasm so it is worth making the most of your outdoor space. I work on all sorts of sites, from 2 or 3 acre fields to pocket handkerchief courtyards, and I can assure you that every single site, however dry or soggy, windswept or overlooked, sunny or shady or whatever you think are its defects, has the potential to become beautiful and welcoming. I work to find that potential and capitalize on it in my designs for you.

In every garden I design I work as much as possible with the lie of the land to avoid excessive construction work. In planting schemes I generally select plants that will flourish in your particular soil and aspect and will be favourable to local wildlife - so if you live in Dorset my suggestions won't be the same as if you live in Yorkshire!

Whatever your requirements from your garden - whether it is to accomodate young children; attract lots of insects, birds and small mammals; do your gardening from a wheel chair; grow masses of fruit and veg; or simply sit on a lounger enjoying the fragrance and rustle of leaves - I will design a garden to perfectly meet those needs. Sometimes this is a major change. Sometimes it's just minor tweaking. Whatever the starting point, you will always end up with a garden that will be easy to look after and give you interest all year round.

To enable you to achieve your perfect garden I offer 3 services. These are:
  • Primary Planning Visit
  • Detailed Plans
  • Maintenance Advice
Please see the Portfolio for pictures of a small selection of gardens I have designed; and the Case Study to see one garden from design to completion.