Detailed Plans

The second service I offer provides a set of very detailed plans for the construction and planting of the design you finally select from the Primary Plans Visit drawings. Because a Primary Plans Visit usually provides you with 2 or 3 alternative suggestions the ultimate choice for your garden may well be a selection of several elements from each of these options.

The detailed drawings are done in my office, where we can meet up, if necessary, to discuss or clarify any queries before each stage is finalized.

A complete set of plans comprises:
  • a hard landscaping layout, with any relevant sectional diagrams;
  • a planting scheme that includes trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs, to give flower and foliage interest all year round;
  • Notes on construction and planting;
  • a complete plant list, presented bed by bed, so it is not too overwhelming;
  • a hand drawn artist's impression of the garden a few years after completion.
The detailed plans are especially helpful if your garden is steeply sloping, or complicated in some other way, or if you feel uncertain about your knowledge of plant combinations and planting densities.

They are also helpful if you are having someone else - a landscaper, or a builder - to do the work for you. They make it easier for the landscaper to see exactly what you want, and ensure there are no misunderstandings.

The cost of detailed plans depends on the size of the site, and the complexity of the final design, so I can only give you a price for this service after the Primary Plans Visit.